Aquatic Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Management – How Does it Help?

Are you suffering from chronic pain and looking for alternative methods to manage it? Aquatic physical therapy might just be the solution you need.
Chronic pain can be debilitating and severely impact a person’s quality of life. Traditional pain management methods, such as medication and surgery, may not always provide the desired results. This has led to a rise in the popularity of alternative therapies, including aquatic physical therapy.

In this article, we will explore how aquatic physical therapy works and the benefits it can provide for individuals suffering from chronic pain.

How is Aquatic Therapy Different than Other Therapies?

Aquatic therapy is different from other physical therapies in that it uses water as a medium for exercise. The physical properties of water allow for a decreased risk of injury while still providing the same benefits as more traditional forms of therapy.

The buoyancy of the water helps to reduce joint strain and muscle fatigue, making it easier for patients to perform exercises that would be too difficult on land. In addition, the hydrostatic pressure & natural resistance helps to strengthen muscles while providing therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Aquatic therapy can provide numerous benefits to individuals suffering from chronic pain.

Reduced Stress on Joints

The warm water temperature of the water combined with the buoyancy reduces stress on joints and muscles, making exercise less painful and more manageable.

Increased Range of Motion

The increased range of motion provided by the water also allows for a greater variety of exercises to be performed. This, in turn, helps to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

Reduced Inflammation

The therapeutic effects of aquatic therapy can also help reduce inflammation, which can help reduce overall pain levels.

Improved Mobility

The increased range of motion and reduced joint stress that aquatic therapy provides can help to improve mobility. This can be especially beneficial for patients with limited mobility due to chronic pain. Improved mobility can lead to improved physical functioning and quality of life.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

The resistance of the water helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, providing a great workout for those who may not be able to exercise on land. This can help reduce the risk of heart disease and other medical conditions.

How Regularly Should You Do Aquatic Therapy for Pain Relief?

To maximize the benefits of aquatic therapy for pain relief, it is recommended that individuals practice the exercises regularly. Depending on the severity of the individual’s chronic pain, there are various frequency and duration recommendations for aquatic therapy sessions. Generally, it is suggested to start slow with a few sessions per week for 45-60 minutes each. As strength and endurance improve, duration and intensity can be increased.

Why Choose Rehab For Life?

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If you’re interested in learning more about aquatic therapy in the Evansville area, please contact us. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

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