Group of people of various ages exercising in a pool

Making Waves

For those that want to make a splash! Active movement using the resistance from the water along with other equipment to make for a great workout. Let’s churn up some water!
*Higher level

Class Meets: 8:00-8:45am Mondays & Wednesdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $85

Work the Circuit

Utilizes pool and land. The instructor directs participants through timing to use water, treadmill, kicking strengthenig moves on land to create the best of both worlds in one location!
*Higher level

Class Meets: 5:45-6:30am Tuesday & Thursdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $85


A slower paced water class for those with any type of joint issues or needing a good overall stretch!
*All levels

Class Meets: 11:00-11:45am Mondays & Wednesdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $85


Utilizing treadmill and various general calsthenics in the water. Overall aerobic activity with the buoyancy of the water. What a perfect pair!


Set to music of the big band era, participants will receive a well rounded workout of strength, balance, and light aerobic activity.
*All levels

Class Meets: 10:00-10:45am Mondays & Wednesdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $85

Kickin’ It

Concentration on core and lower body through various movements using water resistance and your strength!
*Moderate/high level

Class Meets: 8:00-8:45am Tuesdays & Thursdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $85

Flexin’ It

Concentration on core and upper body strength through various movements in the water and your strength!
*Moderate/high level

Class Meets: 12:00-12:45pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $85

Classes meet 2 times per wk for 45 minutes. Cost is $85 per session

“Rehab for Life has literally given me my life back.  Before coming here I was reliant on pain medications and interventions (spinal injections and radio frequency ablations) to do the most basic tasks.  I couldn’t participate in activities with my friends, I rarely left my home.  After only 11 visits, I am able to go out with my friends, do my grocery shopping, and am more active than I’ve been in years.  These people care about each client and work hard to help each client reach their best.”

“If you want to feel like ‘queen for a day’ make sure you receive your physical therapy at Rehab For Life.  It’s a wonderful, friendly place.  I’ve been there several times and worked with several physical therapists and everyone treated me with kindness, and I was even remembered by my first name.  Also, if you don’t drive, they even have a driver to pick you up.  Where else could you go and get this wonderful treatment?”

“I enjoyed every single visit, whether on land or in the pool.  I loved all the people I came in contact with.  I also loved your building — especially your locker room.  It helped me so much.  I just wish I could come every week for the rest of my life.”

“I had headaches for six straight years before I came to Rehab for Life.  I had been to everyone and I never had any relief from my headaches after the car accident.  You have given me my life back and I will be forever grateful.  I can’t tell you how great it is to feel like myself again.  Thanks for everything.”
“I enjoy the staff at Rehab for Life.  They are very friendly, but they know how to get the job done.  The atmosphere at the office is friendly and professional.  I am very, very grateful for all of their help.  Thank you Rehab for Life staff!”
“When I first came to R4L, I weighed 280 pounds.  I now weigh 142 pounds.  Thanks to everyone for their help.  If I had not had your encouragement, I know that I would not have been able to lose the weight.”
“I am so amazed at being pain free.  I thought as you got older that was the way it was supposed to be.  Wrong thinking!  You have taught me how to be in tune with my body, exercise, stretch, and eat to live.”
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