Top 3 Benefits of Prehab Before Surgery

Have you been advised to have surgery, but aren’t sure what that means for your body? It’s important to prepare before having a procedure, especially when planning on major surgery. Prehab prepares the body and mind before surgery, making it easier to get back on your feet after recovery.

The need for major surgeries has intensified over the years due to medical advancements and more people needing innovative surgical procedures for sicknesses such as cancer. These major operations can be daunting and scary. But no one should underestimate the value of pre-operative rehabilitation or prehab before an operation.

Prehab provides an opportunity to sharpen physical abilities and acquire proper nutrition care which are essential parts of recreational activities, especially those that involve the human body. Knowing that a body will suffer from some shock after any surgery, prehab offers multiple benefits for any patient undergoing surgery in order for them to recover quickly and make a full return to their daily activities afterward. In this article, we will discuss three key benefits of prehab before surgery.

Prehab Reduces Recovery Time

Prehab before surgery can help reduce recovery time after the procedure. This is achieved by strengthening the muscles and joints that will be used during surgery and in post-operative rehabilitation. Prehab also helps to decrease pain after the procedure, as well as improve coordination and flexibility which can lead to a faster recovery. By engaging in prehab prior to undergoing a surgical procedure, patients can often return to their pre-surgery activities more quickly.

Prehab Improves Strength and Mobility

By engaging in prehab prior to surgery, patients can improve their strength and mobility. Prehab exercises focus on specific muscle groups that will be used during the surgery and in post-operative rehabilitation. Strengthening these muscles before the procedure can help reduce strain and fatigue associated with the recovery process. Prehab also helps to improve coordination and balance, which can enable patients to move more easily after the procedure.

Prehab Reduces the Risk of Complications

Prehab before surgery can also help reduce the risk of complications associated with the procedure. By strengthening and increasing mobility in the affected area prior to surgery, prehab can help reduce post-operative pain and swelling and minimize tissue damage. Additionally, prehab can help reduce the risk of infection by increasing the body’s natural defenses. This is achieved by engaging in exercises that boost circulation and immune system functioning.

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