Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Sessions take place in an endless pool: This is an amazing non-biased teaching tool that allows you to feel the difference between faster and slower swimming, as well as effective and ineffective technique.

You will SEE yourself swim in the mirrors on the bottom. Get INSTANT FEEDBACK when you watch yourself swim in the mirror located on the bottom of the pool.

We will videotape you MULTIPLE times: Rehab for Life will film you and immediately show you what areas of your technique could use improvement.

Ongoing Improvement: She will also give you "homework" so you will have plenty of new things to practice when you get home. You will also see how much visible CHANGE has occurred in a short time.

Swimming is a LIFETIME sport, so you are making a great INVESTMENT in your future.

All 90 minute sessions include:

  • Multiple videotaping clips of your stroke from above and below water
  • Analysis of your current technique and how to improve it
  • See your stroke improve and change as the session progresses
  • 30 minute consultation and drills for you to take home and improve

All 30 minute video taping sessions include:

  • A lesson focusing on what you choose
  • Analysis of your strokes/technique and how to improve them
  • Instant feedback by looking at the video during the session

Full technique Session: Initial 90-min session is $200 and includes 60 minutes in water time with video analysis followed by 30 minute follow up discussion.

Private Lessons with videotaping: $60 per hour or $35 half hour

Private Lessons without taping: $30 a half hour

Why is teaching in an Endless Pool so effective?

Try it all and then YOU decide:
In the Endless pool, we have come up with an effective style of teaching where you compare and contrast a variety of techniques to find the style and technique that is right for YOU. Think of the Endless pool as a laboratory where you get to test a variety of techniques so you can figure out what works, and more importantly...what doesn’t.

You will KNOW you are faster right away:
As your session progresses, the new technique will feel less “weird” and you will begin to swim faster and more efficient. How does we know you are faster? Because she has secretly been turning up the speed of the current to keep up with your new pace!

Private Running Training: Underwater Treadmill

Our Underwater Treadmill sessions are a great way to get in a low impact run. They're great for athletes who are recovering from an injury or surgery, looking for a way to run that's easier on the body, or want to get in some extra glute resistance. We will guide you through a 30 minute or 60 minute session to help get you back to where you need to be!
$30 - Thirty Minute Session  |  $55 - Sixty Minute Session
*You must be released from medical care