Aquatic Swim Studio

Aquatic Swim Studio

Rehab for Life’s Swim Studio offers state of the art swim programs in our warm water Endless Pool. Our learn to swim and competitive performance programs are designed to help anyone, at any level, infant & up. Lessons are offered in both group and private sessions.

Our competitive performance programs are individualized to help youth, adult swimmers, and triathletes improve stroke technique and speed.

At Rehab for Life Swim Studio, we offer the highest quality of swim lessons and stroke technique instruction in the local area. Our warm-water Endless pool is designed for comfort and learning. Our professional staff keeps a safe environment and are equipped with the latest training skills and standards.


Parent and Tot

Instructor led mom/baby lesson to introduce children to water.
Once a week/4 Week Session $50


Level 1

Objective: Overcome fear of water

Requirements: Student able to listen and respond to simple instructions. Should be fearful of water. No goggles.

Skills to Master:

  • Climb in/out independently
  • Wet head club
  • Float on back with kickboard
  • Jump in pool to instructor

Class Meets: 10:05-10:35am Tuesday & Thursdays or 5:00-5:30pm Tuesday & Thursdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $140


Level 2

Objective: Develop self confidence and independence in water.

Requirements: Student able to listen and respond to instruction, no swim skill, put face in water, minimal fear, no goggles.

Skills to Master:

  • Open eyes under water
  • Wet head club
  • Hold breath under water for 5 seconds
  • Float on back with kickboard for 10 seconds
  • Scull (fish fin) length of pool (15 ft)
  • Toothpick and kick 5 ft with side push off
  • Fear of deep water minimal
  • Superman/super hero jump into instructor- free jump
  • 5 one breath bobs (rhythmic breathing)
  • Personal safety in water

Class Meets: 9:30-10:00am Tuesday and Thursdays , 10:05-10:35am Tuesdays and Thursday, 5:00-5:30pm Tuesday & Thursdays, 5:35-6:05pm Tuesday & Thursdays or 6:10-6:40pm Tuesday & Thursdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $140


Level 3

Objective: Develop basic survival skills.

Requirements: Scull length of pool (15 ft), toothpick 5 ft with side push off, fear of deep water minimal, jump into instructor, 5 one breath bobs, open eyes under water.

Skills to Master:

  • Jump in, turn over on back and wing to other end
  • Tread water 20 seconds
  • Pick up object from bottom
  • Knee dive
  • Chicken wings, airplane, pencil with flutter kick
  • Introduce back crawl
  • Personal safety

Class Meets: 10:40-11:10am Tuesday and Thursdays or 6:10-6:40pm Tuesday and Thursdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $140


Level 4

Objective: Gain respect for the water.

Requirements: Jump in, turn over on back, wing to other end, tread water for 20 seconds, pick up object from bottom.

Skills to Master:

  • Elementary backstroke arms
  • Back crawl
  • Front crawl 15 ft
  • Tread water 1 min
  • Survival float 1 min
  • Standing forward dive
  • Safety day/personal safety

Class Meets: 10:40-11:10am Tuesday and Thursdays or 6:10-6:40pm Tuesday and Thursdays

Twice a week/4 Week Session $140


Adapted Lessons

Adaptive swim lessons use Applied Behavior strategies to teach children with special needs. Lessons are created for, but not limited to, those with behavioral, communication, or sensory challenges. Instruction emphasizes adapted teaching strategies to accommodate individual abilities, needs, and goals.
Twice a week/4 week session $140


Adult Group Learn To Swim Class

Adult Group lessons are for any adult interested in learning basic swimming skills. We will work on basic breath holding skills, back float, front float, and freestyle. Class size will be no more than 4 people.
Twice a week/4 week session $140